How can a Tarot Reading help you?

The Tarot is a divination tool which can help you to achieve clarity, guidance and closure on a personal situation. Carol's Universe is a place you can come to in order to achieve your highest potential. Through guidance from the cards, you are given the opportunity to change or improve your life. 


We all have free will and I cannot stress enough that your ultimate destiny lies within your hands - you are the one in control.


Using the Tarot, I will psychically and intuitively tune into your energy in order to present you with a reading on your chosen questions. A reading will not only provide a light for those who wish to gain further insight and clarity on their lives but  it will also help those who are seeking self-empowerment.



My top 5 tips for receiving a Tarot reading:

Have an open mind
Use your reading for                   guidance.
Don't have lots of readings         from different readers,     especially if its on same subject. You will confuse yourself.
Always be truthful with 
the information you 
provide before a reading 
or the cards will lie to you.
The cards will give you           guidance on a situation 
and an outcome but you 
are in control of your